How to add a widget to your website

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Selling tours and activities on your website is a great way to offer your guests additional service whilst earning a commission.

You can add a link to your TourDesk Sales Portal directly to your website. Alternatively, if you prefer to focus on your SEO, but still use TourDesk, you can use booking widgets. When using widgets you write your own SEO-friendly tour description, but can get the booking through TourDesk regardless. Note that by using the widgets, content, photos, and descriptions do not get automatically updated, as it does in the Sales Portal.

You can access our booking widgets through your TourDesk account, which lets you put in small snippets of code on your website, with a booking calendar leading to our checkout process. TourDesk offers three types of widgets, Closed Calendar, Open Calendar, and Activity Box. You can see them live here.

NOTE Before creating the embed code for your widgets you need to add a snippet of code to your site. Open your website settings and add a custom Javascript code in your website’s “body-end.”

Here's the code snippet to add:

<script src=""></script>

This snipped encompasses the code for all our widgets, and without it, the widgets won’t work.

Next is to get a widget code, click Marketing > Widgets in the left-hand side menu. Choose the name of the portal and search for the activity you want the widget to link to. Click the activity to open the widget editor.

Choose which type of widget you’d like to create, either an Activity Box Widget or a Booking Widget.

If you choose an Activity Box Widget, you can customize it. You can change the width, height, and edge style based on your preferences. You can also enable the Booking Pop-Up.

When you’ve customized your widget, you need to copy the embed code listed below the widget preview. Copy the code, then paste it into your site’s source code.

By following these steps, you'll effortlessly integrate our widgets into your website, enhance its functionality, and provide valuable information to your visitors.

For more details on how to embed widgets into the most commonly used website systems see further articles below.

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