How to choose Tours and Activities to offer in your Sales Portal

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If you want, you can customise which tours are displayed in your Sales Portal and in what order they appear, depending on your preferences. Given that you selected a region when you created your account,  your Sales Portal will automatically have tours added from local operators.

Display specific tours

Click Portal > Name of your portal > Activities in the left hand side menu. You can search for tours you’d like to display using the filters on the right hand side, e.g. if you want to stop displaying Holiday related tours in summertime. Click the tour you want to stop displaying, and then toggle the Hide in Portal button to yes. 

Note that you can hide tours in your Agent Account and your Sales Portal by checking the Visible box on the left hand side. However, we recommend you display all tours in your Agent Area.

Display specific suppliers

You can choose to display only tours and activities from your preferred suppliers in your Sales Portal to encourage your guests to book those. However, if a guest comes to your reception directly asking to book a particular supplier, you'll want your team to have that ability, as opposed to not assisting them with booking and losing a sale. 

To choose tours to display based on specific suppliers, click Portal > Name of your portal > Activities in the left hand side menu. Click the Manage Vendors button in the top right corner. There you can choose tours and activities from specific vendors. You can choose to display tours and activities in your Sales Portal (website), your TourDesk Agent Account (Agent) or both. 


You can choose to highlight certain tours that you feel like giving the top positions in your Sales Portal.

Note TourDesk has measured and tracked the best combination of tour displays, with the goal of maximising revenue while providing your guests with a top level experience. We recommend keeping the tour priorities untouched, as we've proven that the TourDesk default setup is optimal for most businesses.

To highlight specific tours in your Sales Portal, click Portal > Name of your portal > Activities in the left hand side menu. Click the tour name in the list and rank  where it should be displayed. 

  • Low means that the tour is at the bottom of your Sales Portal, below tours that haven’t been ranked. Note that ranking a tour low does not hide it.

  • Medium means that the tour will rank in the middle of your Sales Portal. 

  • High means that the tour will be at the top of your Sales Portal. We recommend you put your best seller tours in this category.

Note that you can only display tours that are in your selected regions. To learn how to select regions for your Sales Portal, check out this article.

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