How to cancel existing orders / bookings

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Sometimes guests need to cancel their bookings due to illness, change in travel arrangements, etc. 

To cancel bookings in TourDesk start by clicking Orders in the left hand side menu. Search for the booking in the order list. When you’ve located it, click the name of the customer to open the booking.

To cancel the booking click the Cancel button on the right hand side. Add a cancellation reason. If you check the Notify the customer box, the customer will receive an email with a copy of the cancellation. Click the suitable button to request a refund.

  • Refund using Web Pos is for refunding payments that were made through a credit-card machine. It takes you to an online form where you can enter the credit-card details. This has to be the credit-card that made the original payment. 

  • Refund to card **** is for refunding online payments. It means that the amount requested will be refunded to the credit-card that made the original online payment.

Click Confirm Refund Request.

Note If the payment was split between different cards, the refunds need to be requested for all of the cards separately.

TourDesk support will be in contact with you to confirm the cancellation. Note that suppliers have their own cancellation policies in place.

You can see the status of your refund requests by clicking Reports > Refund Requests in the left hand side menu.

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How to cancel existing orders / bookings


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